Housing 1

Hartley House is a privately-funded Settlement House located in New York City’s Hells Kitchen. It has been operating since 1897, serving school-aged children, youths, and seniors by enriching their lives, expanding their opportunities, and building a sense of community. They do this while simultaneously providing services that meet each student’s present needs in order to permanently empower them as individuals.

For over 120 years Hartley House has been sticking to their mission providing multiple programs for all ages. They seek to level the playing field between low-income and systematically disadvantaged youth and their affluent peers. Their after-school program offers high quality, affordable access to education, arts, and enrichment programs. The program aims to prevent learning loss, provide safety and structure, and most importantly provide youth with culturally and linguistic mentors from their community.

Other programs such as the Growing Responsibility and Delivering Services (GRADS) offers valuable job skills and resume building workshops year-round for students ages 13-17. Hartley House also operates a program for elders called Hoe Outreach Program for Elders (HOPE). This program provides a comprehensive range of services for seniors to ensure that they can live out their lives and “age in place” with dignity in their own homes.