DOF Finances Expansion of Affordable Housing for People with Disabilities in IN

Millie in her new home with Andy and Len from Terebinth

Terebinth Realty Group is the largest single-family home provider to people with disabilities and low-income households in the state of Indiana. Having grown organically since its inception in 2008 to approximately 100 homes in Indiana,Terebinth successfully utilized DOF’s capital  to acquire and renovate an additional 50 homes in Indiana in 2017.

Differentiated by the quality of housing and service provided,Terebinth strives to raise standards to positively impact not only its individual and family residents but also the local communities it serves. DOF created a $5,500,000 revolving loan product which allowsTerebinth to acquire and renovate hundreds of homes. The Finance Fund, a CDFI in Columbus, OH, joined us on this transaction.