DOF Provides $1,000,000 to NYC School Providing Cutting Edge Services to Students with Special Needs

The Children’s Academy is a private, nonprofit school that educates children with speech and language challenges and learning differences. The school moved to a larger space in New York City to meet its needs, allowing for outdoor space and an occupational therapy gym that was not available at its previous location and providing the room to grow to 73 students. As of September 2019, TCA is operating solely from the new location. The new 16,000 square foot location in midtown Manhattan offers a larger footprint with better amenities for students, including updated and renovated classrooms and other spaces used for programming and administration. The Property will also incorporate new technology solutions that will further enhance the learning environment and respond to the evolving needs of the student body. DOF’s $1,000,000 Tuition Bridge Loan allows TCA the ability to grow its incredible program while it adjusts to its new home and attracts new students for the future.