The Transformation from DOF Board Chair to Client

J. David Sweeny, DOF’s Board Chair between 2015 and 2020, through his company PDS Development Corporation is now a DOF client. Through PDS and utilizing DOF’s capital, David is developing scattered-site single-family housing solutions for your adults with disabilities. PDS specializes in the financing and rehabilitation of historic industrial and commercial properties. PDS provides business, real estate, and financial advisory services to corporate and non-profit organizations throughout New York City, Westchester and Dutchess County, and Miami, Florida. PDS has its home headquarters in Brooklyn, New York. Since its creation, PDS has managed over 2 million square feet (“SF”) of industrial, commercial, retail, and residential property.

The loan of $646,000 covered acquisition costs for properties located in Newburgh, NY. Rehabilitation of the vacant and abandoned properties will result in 14 affordable housing units, including units that will be designated for people with disabilities.